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A summary of 3D printing adventures this past week of 2023-03-28 through 2023-04-02.

Loud Lesson

When doing manual movements with the belts, turn the machine off first. It tried to restart thinking it was still in it's old position. It made a horrendous noise and scraped the build plate. Yikes. It seems fine other than the scape on the build plate but woah.

More Colors

I got another 3 colors so I could have more options

New Colors:

  • glass orange (translucent orange)
  • opaque black
  • natural (semi-translucent white)

Colors from the first shopping trip:

  • light pink
  • light blue
  • golden yellow


Squiggles (what I've named the printer) is already getting dusty. When I get a new job, I'm gonna invest in an official enclosure for it. It will make us way more comfortable leaving it running as well as keeping it from getting too dusty when not in use.


Here's photos from this weeks adventures