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Drupal 7

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Free as in Open Source.

The deadline to get off of Drupal 7 was moved, again, Drupal 7's end of life is January 5, 2025.

There are organizations hiring right now for Drupal 7 developers with strong knowledge of backend Drupal 7 Development to help them move to newer Drupal versions.

At lot of them want to know if their sites can easily be upgraded. They don't want past efforts wasted. They can’t though upgrade that easily. This is an ugly upgrade for a lot of sites.

Now is the time to rebuild in Drupal 10, document, and test.

Write out what you’re building and why. Write how how you’re building. How it should work. If you have someone who knows how to write automated test, bring them in. Write out how the data is structured and why. Write up an updates plan to keep core and contrib up to date. Learn and test how to use the configuration management system. Document how to manage the configuration for your site. Learn and test how to use the migration system. Document how to move the content smoothly in and out of your site.

Yes, Drupal is free. No, free software is not free to update and run. That takes documentation and work hours.